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When you look at all of our Frito-Lay snacks, they have one thing in common ... great taste. That's right, we feel pretty strongly about flavor. So much so that we have our very own Culinary Innovation Center that we call our Frito-Lay Flavor Kitchen.

At the heart of Frito-Lay's Flavor Kitchen is the discipline of Culinology®, a collaborative approach to product development that involves a team of research chefs and food scientists who combine culinary arts with science and technology.

From predicting the next trend to researching and testing ingredient options, our Culinologists are always hard at work coming up with new ideas to delight consumers. From global favorites like Indian Tikka Masala and Greek Tzatziki to regional specialties like Carolina Barbecue, the Frito-Lay Flavor Kitchen is where many of our delicious flavors come from.

Meet Our Head Chef

Chef Jody Denton
Chef Jody Denton

After more than 30 years in restaurant kitchens across the globe, Chef Jody joined PepsiCo/Frito-Lay in 2011 as an Executive Research Chef leading product development and flavor innovation across the Frito-Lay snack portfolio.

During his time in the restaurant business, Chef Jody worked with some of the most iconic names in the culinary world. It was here he had his first experience in the consumer packaged goods industry when he launched a successful and award-winning line of gourmet foods. Chef Jody also owned and operated two restaurants: a Mediterranean bistro and modern Japanese Izakaya and sushi bar.


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