How Many People Does it Take to Make a Bag of Chips?

The next time you open a bag of Lay’s potato chips, or any Frito-Lay product for that matter, consider how many people it takes behind the scenes to create that delicious snack. As part of PepsiCo – a global food and beverage leader, Frito-Lay operates more than 30 manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Nearly 55,000 associates work tirelessly every day to bring a wide array of snacks to consumers. Did you know, if the potatoes we use each year to produce our snacks were stacked end to end, they would stretch farther than the moon and back?

And that’s why we proudly take part in Manufacturing Day, an annual celebration of modern manufacturing in the U.S. that takes place the first Friday in October. On this day, manufacturers from across the nation stage events geared for students, educators, businesspeople and the media to educate them about manufacturing career opportunities, and to improve the public’s perceptions of manufacturing in general and its importance to the country.

This year, we highlighted our manufacturing story by bringing some of our best and brightest associates – who have earned PepsiCo’s highest supply chain honor as Chairman’s Circle of Champion recipients – to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange and share the many ways we are continuing to evolve our operations across the country.

Our commitment to manufacturing goes much further than celebrating this one day. At Frito-Lay, delighting our consumers is at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we are reimagining our manufacturing processes to deliver more of what consumers want. We are also working to improve efficiency and sustainability, finding innovative ways to reduce water, waste and energy use in our facilities. To achieve this, we are transforming and modernizing our manufacturing facilities, upgrading existing equipment and adding new technologies, such as robotics, so we can be more responsive to changing consumer preferences.

Of course, all of these transformations in manufacturing require us to think differently about our people. To ensure we have the right people in place, we are training our associates on new ways of working. We’re hard at work recruiting highly skilled workers who understand the technical aspects of our plant operations to minimize disruptions and downtime.

Beyond that, we are working with vocational schools, technical colleges and high schools to encourage the next generations to explore careers in the field, so there will be a strong pipeline of associates ready to meet the future manufacturing needs of our business and the country as a whole.

So, as you open that bag of Lay’s potato chips, just know that a whole lot of work goes into making sure your snacking experience is a great one. Enjoy!


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