E-commerce Means Your Favorite Snack Is One Click Away

Imagine a store shelf filled with Frito-Lay snacks that stretches on, well, forever.

That's how members of our global e-commerce team picture the virtual shelves available to online shoppers.

"We have a unique opportunity to showcase our entire brand portfolio in this channel, and our consumers love having access to that variety,” says Bret Desmond, e-commerce director, Frito-Lay North America.

And as more consumers head to the internet to buy their food, Frito-Lay is always looking for new ways to enhance the shopping experience.

We know that today, convenience is everything. As we look at reports from market research firms we have found that online grocery buying is on the rise, some estimating that online grocery sales will account for 20 percent of the market by 2025, or $100 billion in sales. For us, this means, we need to help you find product easily on shelves, online and even, when possible, deliver right to your doorstep.

“Our team is focused on getting the FLNA product assortment online, and creating engaging campaigns to support and drive conversion of those products,” said Alice Humphrey, e-commerce marketing lead, Frito-Lay North America.

Today, along with Frito-Lay favorites, consumers also can find regional brands, like Maui Style potato chips, flavors that may be hard to come by in a local market and packaging designed to make the online shopping experience unique. For example, football fans can order an NFL party box filled with chips, pretzels and dips.

Looking into this year, the keys to E-Commerce growth are as much about solving practical challenges as they are about mastering technology. Further down the road, mobile devices, social media and big data will continue to redefine the shopping experience and be even more-personalized.

"If you think about online grocery shopping, it's still pretty new, but we've seen it grow at a pretty rapid pace," Desmond says. "We feel like we're in the midst of a tipping point. Our goal is to be on the forefront of this as an organization."


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