Making Snacks in a More Sustainable Way

The next time you bite into a Frito-Lay snack, consider this – that crunchy, tasty morsel might just have come from one of our sustainable manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

In keeping with PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose goals of delivering sustainable growth by investing in a better future for people and the planet, Frito-Lay set out on an ambitious mission several years ago to totally transform existing facilities by utilizing innovative technologies and new ways of working in the making of our snacks.

One of these is our Casa Grande, Arizona facility, which is where we produce approximately 100 million snacks per year, including Lay's and Ruffles potato chips, Doritos and Tostitos tortilla chips, Crunchy Cheetos cheese snacks, Fritos corn chips and SunChips multigrain snacks.

In 2010, we put in place a Membrane Bio Reactor and Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis technologies to recycle 75 percent of our manufacturing process water, enabling Frito-Lay to reduce its annual water use by 100 million gallons – this amount of water can fit into 150 Olympic-size swimming pools, dramatically cutting our use of this precious resource. That same year, we launched a program to recycle and reuse food waste, sending it offsite for cattle feed. This allowed us to cut the amount of waste we send to landfills to less than one percent.

We also installed a 60,000 pound-per-hour biomass boiler at Casa Grande, which uses wood and agriculture waste as an energy source to produce steam required by the manufacturing plant. This unique boiler reduces our natural gas usage by more than 80 percent for steam production.

As you can see by what we are doing at Casa Grande, Frito-Lay is committed to conservation. These efforts to be more sustainable in our practices have been recognized by national, state and local organizations across the country. And we plan to use what we have learned here as a test lab, applying key lessons at other manufacturing facilities in the future. What we have accomplished at Casa Grande is a true milestone for Frito-Lay, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to work sustainably because we believe it’s the right thing to do.


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