Driven to Safety, One Mile at a Time

Trucking safety is an ongoing public concern, with more than 3.5 million class 8 trucks hitting the road in 2015 alone. At Frito-Lay, we always seek to make safety a top priority. Unlike many companies, we operate our own fleet and use that as an opportunity to educate, train and test our drivers on safety, which is no small challenge as they maneuver large tractor/trailers tens of thousands of miles a year on America's highways.

This year, 89 over-the-road (OTR) Frito-Lay drivers achieved Million Miler status, meaning they've driven at least one million miles accident free. These 89 drivers are joining the ranks of hundreds of other OTR drivers who have already achieved this status, accounting for approximately one-third of our fleet.

To put that into context – it takes approximately 12 years to drive one million miles. One million miles is the equivalent of driving around the Earth 40 times – and keep in mind, Million Milers do this accident free. This year, for the first time ever, one of our drivers even reached four million accident-free miles.

We require each team member to participate in intensive driver safety training programs, including classroom education and on-road instruction. Every year, each driver must be recertified through a written and driving test, including close-quarter maneuvering drills. This is all part of our positive safety culture that puts a premium on good driving behaviors.

Delighting consumers is the primary mission at Frito-Lay, but no less important is getting those snacks to stores across the U.S. and Canada without any accidents or incidents.

(note: an accident is defined as any preventable collision that causes injury or property damage.)


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