March 6, 2020

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we celebrate just a few women that make up our incredible workforce at Frito-Lay. In keeping with PepsiCo’s goal of having 50% of women in management by 2025, we are striving to empower women to be the best they can be and create a career path that suits their needs. Because many of our female employees have important responsibilities outside of their jobs, we provide flexibility for all of our associates, enabling our female employees in particular to perform their best, both personally and professionally.



Carrie Morris:

Meet Carrie! Carrie M. is a Sr. Zone Business Manager at Frito-Lay and has been with us for 5.5 years. Carrie shared that she has been successful at Frito-Lay because of the incredible leaders and mentors who have invested their time and knowledge in helping her. They’ve allowed her to speak fearlessly and challenged her to stretch herself beyond what she even knew she was capable of.


Quote: Frito-Lay has provided me with the best training and development in the industry. Both male and female leaders have prioritized my growth in learning about how to be a strong leader



Say hello to Crystal. Crystal K. is an HR Manager. While she has only been with us for a little over a year, she says she loves the variety of work each day, which means things always stay interesting and challenging. Crystal says juggling her responsibilities as a mom and her work can be difficult at times, but luckily, she has had some terrific guidance. Her manager, who also happens to be a mother of young children, has been extremely supportive. Frito-Lay’s flex scheduling has proven invaluable, in helping Crystal create a career path that meets her needs in and out of the office.  


Quote: I’m a single mother, so if I had to be at work very early, I would be stressed out trying to figure out how to get the dogs walked, lunch made, and make sure me and my daughter are fed, dressed and out of the house at a decent hour. Frito-Lay’s flex schedule makes this possible!


Fauzia Haq:

Meet Fauzia! Fauzia H. is a Marketing Senior Director, having been with the business for 11 years. She loves working at Frito-Lay because of what she describes as a passionate, yet humble culture where great people strive for big results. Fauzia shared that her secret to juggling being a mom and having a successful career boils down to being fully present in the moment - whether at work or with her kiddos at home. She is grateful for the flex schedule offered by Frito-Lay, which allows her to strike a work-life flow that accommodates the demands of both her work and her family. 


Quote: I feel very supported by Frito-Lay’s leadership and by my team when I need to flex my schedule to take care of personal responsibilities both as a parent and as a daughter of aging parents. I’ve found the secret is being responsive and being consistent by delivering when you say you will, which helps build the trust you need from the team to enable a successful flexible schedule.


 Kathy Okrzesik:

Say hello to Kathy! Kathy O. is a Consumer Relations Vice President. She has been with the business for 28 years. Kathy is passionate about our company and says this is because of the incredible people, the challenging work, and an environment that encourages curiosity and learning. She attributes long tenure and personal success at the company to having an open mind when it comes to change, building cross-functional partnerships, and taking calculated risks.


Quote: In my nearly three decades with the company, I’ve seen incredible change, including many more women in leadership roles, the introduction of flexible schedules, greater support and resources for working mothers, improvements to maternity leave, and now the introduction of paternity leave.