We Thrive

on Diversity & Inclusion

Our Culture Thrives on Diversity & Inclusion

As a vital part of a large global company, our workforce is made up of different genders, ethnicities, cultures and age groups. We truly are a melting pot of diversity. This also reflects the marketplace and communities in which we work.

One of the things we have come to recognize is that this rich diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Which is why we work so hard to nurture it and create an inclusive work environment. Any business is only as strong as the people who work for it, so we are doing everything we can to remove invisible barriers to inclusion and are providing training and education to everyone who works here.

One way we achieve this diversity and inclusion is by inviting associates from all backgrounds to get involved with our Employee Resource Groups. These groups play an important role in providing networking and leadership-development opportunities for our associates, while also offering us a greater understanding about the diverse populations that make up our consumers.

As an important element of our Winning with Purpose goals, PepsiCo and Frito-Lay have made a strong commitment to developing a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce that reflects the global communities where we do business. This means taking a serious look at the biases and stigmas that limit inclusiveness in the workplace, and honestly and openly discussing important topics such as parenting, sexuality, race and socio-economic status. It is only through this sort of dialogue that we can begin to understand each other and treat each other with respect.

We know the future of our success is dependent on embracing the differences in our values, beliefs, preferences and expectations. We will continue to make a collective effort to foster a culture where every associate is given the opportunity to perform to his or her full potential, and where every associate feels valued and respected.

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