Empowering Women: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Empowering Women: Taking the Road Less Traveled

It probably goes without saying that being a successful woman in the business world requires a strong will, perseverance and real courage. And the likeliest position for a female executive is not necessarily director of a large manufacturing site. For Laura Maxwell, it was a key role – one that has helped shape a successful 28-year career with one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.

Laura spent her first 17 years with Frito-Lay working at various manufacturing facilities, learning every aspect of the company’s field operations. She eventually became a manufacturing facility director before relocating to Frito-Lay’s headquarters where she has held a number of management roles.

Throughout her career, Laura has chosen to take “the road less traveled,” and it has allowed her the opportunity to chart her own course. Now, as senior vice president of Frito-Lay’s supply chain optimization team, she is responsible for ensuring the quality and food safety of our snacks throughout the manufacturing process and all the way to the store shelf. Laura is eager to share her story in hopes to empower other women to realize their full potential, too.


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