Bringing Great Ideas to Life: How Marketing Services Make Promotional Programs Possible

Aside from delicious snacks, Frito-Lay is famous for its fun and engaging promotional programs that are designed to excite and delight millions of consumers every year. While consumers are constantly seeing the latest promotions in their stores, they are most likely unaware of the enormous amount of legwork that goes into bringing these innovative programs to life. A small, but dedicated marketing services team is responsible for making this happen across Frito-Lay North America (FLNA).

“Simply put, marketing develops the creative ideas and marketing services leads the execution,” said Annette Brown, senior director, Marketing Services – FLNA. “We work with a fantastic cross-functional group of partners to commercialize the idea, see it through the planning stages and guide it into production.”

Marketing services brings together experts from packaging, cost accounting, finance, product supply and other departments, shepherding brand marketing requests through the often time-consuming and complex business proposal process. In other words, marketing services makes sure every hurdle is cleared and every “t” is crossed before new products and promotions hit the shelves.

For example, the Tostitos brand offers NFL team-branded packaging in 24 distinct markets, changing each year. Pulling that off is no easy feat. To accomplish this, marketing services works with product supply and material supply to determine which production facilities would produce each of the team branded packages, the forecast and production timelines. Needless to say, there are check points along the way, and marketing services helps Frito-Lay stay as nimble as a running back on a drive to the end zone.

Through all the years and the projects, there have been hundreds of overwhelming wins, yet each one has been a learning experience that has made Frito-Lay smarter, faster and stronger.

“We approach every initiative with a willingness to try new things and not rest on our laurels,” added Annette.


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