Elizabeth Roark

Bringing a Nutrition Perspective to Frito-Lay’s Snack Portfolio: A Personal Profile

While many registered dietitians choose to work with patients or clients in a clinical or private practice setting, some are finding rewarding careers in less traditional workspaces. Elizabeth Roark, MPH, RD is one of them.

When Elizabeth, nutrition scientist and Registered Dietitian (RD) for Frito-Lay, began her career as an RD, she never imagined she’d work for one of the country’s largest snack food manufacturers.

At Frito-Lay, Elizabeth regularly lends her expertise to the marketing and product development teams. She helps to substantiate label claims, create nutrition criteria that aligns with regional and global dietary guidance, and helps ensure evolving consumer needs and preferences are incorporated into our snacks.

Working in a corporate environment creates a unique opportunity for Elizabeth to help educate others across the company about important nutrition concerns. This includes the reduction of sodium and saturated fat levels in our snacks, closing the intake gaps for foods and nutrients, and meeting the unique nutritional needs of different groups of consumers like kids, women and the aging population. And of course she uses her extensive understanding of nutrition and science to positively impact the products we ultimately bring to store shelves and e-commerce sites.

Elizabeth is passionate about her work. She says, “In the past few years, we’ve seen consumers look for snacks that offer more positive attributes. My goal is to help ensure we are developing great-tasting options that also address changing consumer nutritional needs. Doing so is a win-win for everyone, and extremely gratifying to me personally.”


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