The People

Behind Your Favorite Snacks

From Our Family To Yours

Nearly 55,000 Frito-Lay associates across the country work hard to bring you the snacks you love. Whether in research and development, manufacturing, sales, transportation, marketing or beyond, our Frito-Lay family is dedicated to ensuring your snacking experiences are the very best they can be.

Learn more about the people working behind the scenes here at Frito-Lay by reading their stories below.

How did they do that? The Making of The Spotted Cheetah Restaurant

Recently, we noticed a trend. Chefs, foodies and at-home cooks alike were thinking of creative ways to incorporate Cheetos snacks into recipes. From bagels to sushi, we saw a variety of flavor mashups going viral online. With consumers at the center of all that we do, that got us thinking.
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Empowering Women: Taking the Road Less Traveled

It probably goes without saying that being a successful woman in the business world requires a strong will, perseverance and real courage. And the likeliest position for a female executive is not necessarily director of a large manufacturing site...
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On a Mission to Serve You

At Frito-Lay, delighting our consumers is the goal for everything we do. The consumer relations team strives to accomplish this goal by delivering a superior service experience to every consumer who contacts them.
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