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Intern Extends Family 'Roots' at Frito-Lay

Aug 22, 2016

Family roots Final

Featured above: Frito-Lay Sales summer intern, Taylor Cirbo, with her brother, Bryce Cirbo, and grandfather, Emil Page, on his farm in Frankfort, Ind.

While some employees try to separate their personal and work lives, Sales summer intern, Taylor Cirbo, found that her work life at Frito-Lay became personal. As a child, she spent weekends on her grandfather’s 5,000 acre farm in Frankfort, Ind., riding on tractors and helping out around the farm, which harvests a variety of crops. This summer, she worked with Frito-Lay Route Sales Representatives, where she had the opportunity to tour our Frankfort manufacturing plant, which happens to use potatoes and corn grown on her grandfather’s farm to produce chips.

Taylor’s grandfather, Emil Page, who began farming right after high school, is thrilled that Taylor witnessed the final product of his hard work during her plant visit. He looks forward to hearing her internship stories and learning about the processes that turn his crop into a savory snack. “I’m proud of her,” Emil says. He continued, “She’s not a farmer, but she is doing her part in feeding the world.”

After observing the potato chip making process, Taylor better understands the role her grandfather’s crops play in the production of Frito-Lay’s chips, and the extent that Frito-Lay relies on its hardworking farmers.

According to Taylor, she feels a personal connection to the company knowing that her family contributes to the production process. “When we visited the plant, I was front and center asking questions about everything,” Taylor says. “Seeing the thousands of pounds of potatoes on the rack and knowing they could be from my grandfather’s farm was a very special moment.”

As her grandfather continues his business relationship with Frito-Lay, Taylor has concluded her internship and enjoyed working for a company that has such a close tie to her family.


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