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Frito-Lay Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct 10, 2016

During the month of October, Frito-Lay salutes Hispanic Heritage Month – a month dedicated to celebrating how we work together to move our business forward.

Creating successful new products and marketing programs would not be possible without a diverse, creative team providing a variety of perspectives. At Frito-Lay we work to create an environment of diverse thought through our employee resource groups (ERGs) that help drive an inclusive culture, while fostering innovation and growth.   

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Adelante -- the multicultural Latino/Hispanic ERG -- hosts month-long events. We spoke with Human Resources Director Cecilia Pacheco and Global Procurement Senior Supervisor Wilson Alarcon, both Adelante members, about the importance of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and how Adelante is helping to move it forward.  


  • What is it like working for a company that promotes and champions D&I?
    • Cecilia: D&I at Frito-Lay translates to being yourself at work in every aspect of everything you do. Being myself at work means that I can bring everything that comes with me -- the whole package as it pertains to my language, my background and wanting to tell others about Puerto Rico.

  •  How do you think ERGs have affected the culture at Frito-Lay?
    • Wilson: The culture that you experience in an ERG speaks to the overall culture that drives Frito-Lay -- one that welcomes and values all people for what they bring to the table and not exclusively for who they are or what they represent.


    • Cecilia: ERGs help people to see that we’re interested in different backgrounds. Not only as it pertains to cultures, but as it pertains to things that are of particular interest, such as language, things that we all value but most importantly, what home means to each of us.


  • Do you feel that being part of an ERG has played an important role in providing networking and leadership-development opportunities? If so, how?
    • Wilson: Without a doubt! I’ve met colleagues who I would’ve never crossed paths with if I weren’t involved in Adelante. We have developed trusting relationships among each other which we can leverage as needs or opportunities arise. I have also developed leadership experience by managing resources, people and time to successfully execute events catering to the entire Frito-Lay population.


  • As an employee at Frito-Lay, what does celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with your peers mean to you?
    • Cecilia: It’s an opportunity for me to show others a little of what I’m about and where I come from, and celebrate it and enjoy it. The thing I’m most proud of regarding my background is my family and the love that they gave me for my country. Family is not just mom and dad, family is everyone around you.
    • Wilson: I see it as an opportunity more than anything -- an opportunity to embrace and showcase our rich heritage and diverse culture among our colleagues.hispanic_heritage_wilson_TW

As we continue the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re reminded of the importance of what it means to learn and grow from one another.


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