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5 Tips to Grow Professional Relationships

Aug 26, 2016

John Barret
It’s no secret that building and nurturing authentic relationships is crucial to success in business. Whether in our professional or personal lives, connecting with others is how we move forward and make things happen. Recently, we spoke with John Barrett, Frito-Lay North America’s vice president of Go-To-Market, Service & Execution, about the importance of healthy relationships in business.

  • Healthy relationships are important for any business. How do you define a healthy relationship?
    • True of any kind of relationship, I believe a healthy business relationship is grounded in trust. In a healthy relationship, you’re able to have good, honest dialogue about what’s important, your individual goals and how you partner together.  


  • In your role of working with retailers, what’s the importance of building relationships?
    • Partnering with retailers is how we get our products to consumers. It’s important that we are building relationships and working with our partners to help meet the needs of consumers.
  • How does someone maintain a healthy relationship?
    • We maintain relationships through dialogue and communication on what’s working and what is not working. We are continuously striving to bring more value to our partners - specifically in terms of insights, analytics, how our brands solve problems and consumer demand opportunities for our retail partners.  
  • What’s a piece of advice that you’ve received on nurturing business relationships?
    • It’s a really simple one. I can picture one of my former buyers saying it when I was a Key Account Manager.  He said ‘You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  So listen twice as much as you talk.’
  • What advice would you give to your team regarding business relationships?
    • Everything starts with the consumer and facts. It’s our job to help our retail partners understand who the consumer is, what they want and how our brands solve the consumer opportunities.



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  1. Daniel botero | Sep 02, 2016
    Great article! Thanks for sharing and creating useful content for the employees! 
  2. Doug Ulrich | Aug 31, 2016
    JB shared these tips when I became a district manager ! 2 ears and one mouth is the most important tip, and maybe the hardest to follow! Great advice!

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