How We Make TOSTITOS® Tortilla Chips

bag of tostitos tortilla chips Our recipe for TOSTITOS® starts with three simple ingredients - corn, oil and salt. Our white corn comes straight off the farm where our farmers grow it specially for TOSTITOS®.

This is how it all comes together:

Grow - Start with 100% American-grown whole white corn harvested at the peak of ripeness.

Mill - Cook and soak the corn, and then grind it up into a soft masa corn dough.

Shape - Roll out the corn dough and cut into irregular bite-sized shapes. 

Toast - Toast the dough to create extra flavor and different shapes and textures. (For TOSTITOS® SCOOPS!®, we toast first and then form the bowl-shaped chip.) 

Cook - Cook up the toasted chips in corn, canola and/or sunflower oil until they're light tasting and crispy. 

Season - Add a dash of salt and they're ready to crunch and dip. 

That's how we make the toasted corn chip you know and love - ready to be packed up and delivered fresh to your nearby store.

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