Explaining Ingredients

  • Dyes and Food Color

    • Color is an important property of food that can add to the enjoyment of eating. Frito-Lay uses plant-based or synthetic dyes to enhance the color of some of our snacks. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating all color additives used in food manufacturing in the United States.

      There are seven certifiable colors approved for use in food, such as FDC Yellow No.6. These numbered colors will always be listed in the ingredient statement.

      Other colors that are exempt from certification would include pigments derived from natural sources such as vegetables, minerals or man-made sources. Caramel color, for example, is produced commercially by heating sugar and other carbohydrates under strictly controlled conditions for use in foods.

      For those consumers looking to avoid color additives, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain dyes or food color. 

      US Products Not Containing Additives

  • Enzymes

    • Most enzymes are proteins which cause certain biochemical reactions. For example, enzymes are added to milk during the cheese-making process to separate the solids (curds) from the liquid (whey) and give cheese its unique flavor. Enzymes may be sourced from animals, such as cows or pigs, or microbial such as the type added to yogurt to make it thick.

      The enzymes used in the cheese making process for some of the cheese seasoning used in Frito-Lay products may come from an animal source. For those individuals looking to avoid all animal enzymes, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain enzymes from animal sources.

      For those individuals looking to avoid cheese seasonings that use enzymes from a porcine source, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain porcine enzymes. US Products Made Without Porcine Enzymes

  • Gluten

    • Gluten is a protein substance commonly found in wheat, rye and barley and gives dough its cohesiveness. Some two million people in the United States suffer from celiac disease. Celiac is a digestive disease that interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. People who have celiac disease should avoid wheat, rye, barley, malt, malt vinegar, couscous, wheat bran and bulgur to maintain proper health.Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain gluten ingredients. US Products Not Containing Gluten Ingredients

  • MSG

    • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer, which is used to bring out the best flavor in foods. MSG is usually produced through fermentation, a process similar to that used in making vinegar or yogurt. The process usually begins with the fermentation of starch, sugar beets, sugar cane, or molasses. The finished product is a pure, white crystal which dissolves easily and blends well in many foods.

      Frito-Lay uses a very small amount of added monosodium glutamate in the seasoning used for some of our snacks, which can decrease the amount of salt needed for flavoring by 20 to 40 percent.

      For those consumers looking to avoid added monosodium glutamate, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain this ingredient. US Products Not Containing MSG

  • Oils

    • Frito-Lay snack chips are cooked in better oils such as corn, canola and sunflower. Like olive oil, these oils are high in unsaturated (“good”) fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated), lower in saturated (“bad”) fat and have zero grams of trans fat.

  • Potassium

    • Potassium is a mineral that helps maintain normal blood pressure and helps contract muscles in the body. Potatoes are generally considered a good source of potassium.

      Potassium is not required to be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel of food products. However, Frito-Lay lists potassium on some of our snack packages.US Products Considered a Good Source of Potassium

  • Salt/Sodium

    • Salt (sodium chloride) occurs abundantly in nature and is used especially for seasoning and preserving food. Sodium is also a component of many minerals and is an essential element to human life.

      Snack chips are actually not as high in sodium as most people think. Chips taste salty because salt is on the surface of the chip, making it the first taste the tongue senses. In many other foods, salt is mixed and cooked into the food, so the salty taste may be hidden. In fact, a serving of most Frito-Lay snack chips has as much sodium as an average slice of white bread.

      For those consumers looking to manage their salt intake, Frito-Lay offers snack choices that are reduced in sodium.

  • Soybean

    • Soybeans, native to East Asia, are a type of legume. Soybeans are a good source of protein and contain all of the essential amino acids.

      Soy is among the top allergens and many consumers must avoid soy to maintain proper health. If soy is used in any Frito-Lay product, it will be listed in the ingredient statement on our packages.

      For those consumers looking to avoid soy, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of snack choices that do not contain soy. Products Not Containing Soy

  • Sugar

    • Common table sugar comes from either sugar cane or sugar beets and is the favorite choice to sweeten the flavor of many foods and beverages. Sugar is also present in fruit, honey, sorghum, sugar maple and in many other sources. Sugar occurs naturally in corn and other grains. Any sugar that may be used in a Frito-Lay product comes from either sugar cane or sugar beets.

  • Trans Fat

    • Frito-Lay snack chips contain 0 grams of trans fat. Trans fat is a “bad” fat that is formed during the process of hydrogenation, which helps keep oil solid and stable at room temperature for use in certain foods.

      Similar to saturated fat, trans fat raises total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels, which can increase heart disease risk. However, some consider trans fat to be even more harmful because it also decreases HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

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