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Red Hot Smokers Ribs

Red Hot Smokers Ribs


Frito-Lay's Ruffles® and Lay's® BBQ chips teamed up with the 2012 Memphis in May BBQ Champ, Wayne Booth from the Red Hot Smokers, to show how easy it is to make mouthwatering ribs at home.

Watch Wayne's Championship Winning BBQing Tips


1-package baby back ribs
¼ Cup Prepared Yellow Mustard
Red Hot Smokers Dry Rub (see recipe)
Fruit wood chips for smoking
Apple Juice (in a spray bottle)
Red Hot Sauce BBQ Sauce (see recipe)
RUFFLES® Deep Ridged Sweet & Smokin' Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips


1. Remove membrane located on the back of the ribs.
2. Slather both sides of ribs with mustard and cover all sides with dry rub.
3. Cover ribs and place in refrigerator for 2 hours.
4. Prepare Grill or BBQ
5. Cook ribs over sustained indirect heat (200°F-225°F) for 3 hours. Hickory, apple or other fruit wood may soaked in water and tossed in small quantities over the hot coals periodically during the cooking. Approximately every 2 hours spray with apple juice to keep ribs moist.
6. Wrap Ribs in foil and spray with apple juice and return to grill for about 2 more hours.
7. Remove ribs from foil and baste all sides with sauce and return ribs to BBQ for additional 30 minutes to set the sauce. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 145°.
8. Serve with a generous portion of RUFFLES® Deep Ridged Sweet & Smokin' Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips.

Notes: The ribs are done when they are “tender as a Momma’s love” and the meat will have shrunken away from the ends of the bone by 1/4-inch or so.

Total cooking time is approximately 5-6 hours but this will vary according to your grill and the size of the rib rack(s) being cooked.

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