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Pot of Gold Pretzels

Prep time: 15 minutes

Great for: Desserts


Add a splash of sweetness to your Saint Patrick’s Day with these easy, no-bake Pot of Gold Pretzels. Melt your candy, dip your delicious ROLD GOLD® Tiny Twists pretzels and sprinkle as desired for a delicious treat to share with your friends and coworkers. 


  • žROLD GOLD® Tiny Twists Pretzels
  • žWhite candy melts
  • žYour choice of colored sprinkles 


1. Melt white candy melts in bowl according to directions on package. For best results, microwave the candy melts in 30-second intervals, stirring each time in between until the candy melts are smooth and creamy.
2. Dip ROLD GOLD® Tiny Twists Pretzels in melted candy melts. Tap pretzel on side of bowl to remove excess candy.
3. Allow the candy melts to cool slightly on the pretzel. Once slightly cooled dip covered pretzel in sprinkle mixture.
4. Place on wax paper sprinkle-side up and let harden for at least an hour.
5. Package as desired or place on serving dish for family and friends to enjoy. 

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