Culinology® in Action

Our Culinary Innovation Center, known as the FLAVOR KITCHEN®, represents a collaborative approach to how we create some of the world’s most loved snacks. Our team of chefs and food scientists work together to combine culinary arts with food science in a discipline known as culinology®, a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association.

Through culinology®, we’re able to translate great tasting recipes, such as garden tomato and basil soup, hot wings and cheeseburger, into new flavors for our snacks. Our chefs sometimes create dozens of variations before finding the perfect recipe that inspires a new snack flavor-- our “gold standard.” Once they find the right recipe, our seasoning team gets to work recreating that flavor as seasoning for our snacks.  Check out how culinology® has influenced some of your favorite Frito-Lay snacks:

  • Some of our latest LAY’S® potato chips flavors are  FLAVOR KITCHEN® success stories.  Frito-Lay chefs applied culinology® for flavor innovation with the introduction of four LAY’S® potato chip flavors suggested by our fans as part of the DO US A FLAVOR™ contest. Among millions of flavor combinations submitted by consumers, Mango Salsa, Cappuccino, Wasabi Ginger and Bacon Mac & Cheese were chosen as finalists. Once the finalists were selected, our chefs developed the “gold standard” recipes for each flavor which were then used to create the seasonings for the chips.
  • Flavor innovation is just one way we’re using culinology®! It’s also helped us reduce the amount of sodium in our flavored potato chips by an average of about 25% since 2011, while maintaining the flavors you love. We achieved these reductions in sodium by building our seasonings a little differently than in the past. Now, we start with herbs, spices and flavors to build the seasoning base, and then we add the salt. So, we’re able to use less salt in our potato chips seasonings than in the past. See more about sodium and our snacks here.

To see some of the delicious dishes dreamt up in our FLAVOR KITCHEN®, head over to our Recipes section!


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