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We believe snacking should be good and fun. That’s why we’re always working to bring you new products, whether it’s new flavors of the snacks you love or a whole new snack choice. Here is what’s new from Frito-Lay.

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RUFFLES<sup>®</sup> Deep Ridged Potato Chips

RUFFLES® Deep Ridged Potato Chips

Ridges 2X As Deep Make For Maximum Dipping and Taste!

TOSTITOS<sup>®</sup> SCOOPS!<sup>™</sup> Fajita Flavored Tortilla Chips with TOSTITOS<sup>®</sup> Monterey Jack Queso

TOSTITOS® SCOOPS! Fajita Flavored Tortilla Chips with TOSTITOS® Monterey Jack Queso

What a great pair!

ROLD GOLD<sup>®</sup> Pretzel Thins

ROLD GOLD® Pretzel Thins

Offering a Delicious and Savory Twist on the Classic Pretzel, New Rold Gold Pretzel Thins Provide a Satisfying and Delicious Mid-day Snack!

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