Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These three words are bound to come up whenever we talk about protecting the earth, and at Frito-Lay, we continue to look for ways to incorporate all three into our environmental efforts.

Reduce: We've reduced the amount of material we use in our packaging by 10% over the past 5 years. If that doesn't sound like much, consider that that's enough to cover more than 72,000 football fields. And, by improving our chip bags to extend their shelf life, we've saved 5 million pounds of packaging and product from going into landfills.

Reuse: Frito-Lay employees play a vital role in implementing the 3 R's, including distribution center employee Omar Vasquez.  Omar has rolled out a program that encourages our sales team to return the shipping cartons so they can be reused.

"Every member of our sales team personally drives Frito-Lay's sustainability efforts" Omar Vasquez, Frito-Lay Operations

"In every plant, our program to reuse shipping cartons at least five or six times saves nearly five million trees every year," says Omar. "With a 99% return rate, every member of our sales team personally helps drive Frito-Lay's sustainability efforts."

Recycle: It's not just about cartons and bags. We don't let our potato peelings and cracked corn go to waste, either. Every year, about 20 million pounds of unused agricultural material from our manufacturing facilities goes out to America's livestock and dairy farms, reducing our impact on local wastewater systems and providing quality feed for American cattle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: three words to live by when you're committed to doing your part to protect our environment.

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