Packaging Questions

We know that issues related to our packaging are really important to you.  Here we answer the top questions from consumers like you.

Q: Which Frito-Lay packages can be recycled?
A: Frito-Lay items that can be recycled include:
-Dip cans - may be recycled in communities where aluminum is recycled 
-Outer lid of dip can - may be recycled with other plastics 
-Inner steel lid of dip can - may be recycled where steel items are recycled 
-Salsa and dip jars - may be recycled as clear glass 
-Salsa and dip jar lids - may be recycled where steel items are recycled 
-Lay’s® Stax® can and lid - may be recycled with other plastics

For recycling to be successful, recyclable materials must be separated and collected. Cans, paper and glass bottles tend to be more popular recyclable items than plastic. However, as more cities require and provide for separation of trash, opportunities for the use of recycled plastic will grow. For more information about the feasibility of starting plastic recycling, we suggest contacting your local city sanitation department.

Q: There is a lot of excess space in your packages. Can you reduce the packaging?
A: There is actually a very good reason for the excess space in our snack packages: The air at the top of the packages provides a "cushion" that protects the fragile chips against breakage in shipment and handling. Years of testing have resulted in this packaging technique, which protects the chips from breakage.

Because we are committed to decreasing the amount of solid waste produced, we have made some changes to decrease the amount of packaging material:
Lay’s® brand and Ruffles® brand potato chips, once packaged in composite plastic bags, now are packaged in metallized plastic bags. This results in a 25% reduction of weight in the packaging material used for these two products and a reduction of more than 6 million pounds of packaging material per year from being placed in landfills.

FRITOS® brand corn chips has reduced the bag seal from the industry standard ½ inch to ¼ inch. This adjustment has resulted in a 5% reduction in Fritos packaging material from our landfills each year. We also are investigating reducing the seals on other chip products.

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