Energy Conservation & our Sustainability Initiatives

Conserving Energy

How do you make a great-tasting snack without taking a bite out of the earth's natural resources? Last year, our Green Teams helped reduce the electricity used to make each bag of snacks by 22% (compared with 1999 levels).That's enough energy to power over 15,000 homes for a year. And we're only getting started.

By using renewable energy innovations such as solar power and biofuels, recycling heat and steam from our plants, and monitoring how we use resources, we're looking to use 45% less energy per bag of chips in 2017 than we did in 1999. One of our plants has plans to run almost entirely on renewable energy.

Chips that are better for the environment? We believe it's possible.

Snacks Made with the Help of the Sun

Snacks Made with the Help of the Sun

Harnessing the power of the sun to help SunChips® live up to its name.

Working Toward Minimal Impact

Working Toward Minimal Impact

Our Casa Grande facility is a great example of how Frito-Lay is working to minimize its impact on the environment.

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