How We Make FRITOS® Original Corn Chips

how-we-make-fritosFor more than 80 years, we've made FRITOS® Original Corn Chips using the same recipe as FRITOS® founder Elmer Doolin did back in 1932. Here's how we do it:

  • Grow — We start with 100 percent American-grown whole corn — a mix of yellow and white.
  • Mill — Next, we cook and soak the corn before grinding up the kernels into a soft masa corn dough.
  • Cook — Then we cut the masa into the famous FRITOS® shape and cook the chips in corn oil until they're crispy.
  • Season — We salt the chips and send them to packaging.
  • Package — Once bagged, FRITOS® Original Corn Chips are ready for delivery to local stores for fans to enjoy.


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