Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where can I find a Frito-Lay snack?

    A: Click here to connect to our product locator. You can search for your favorite snack by zip code. We suggest calling the store before making a trip to be sure it’s in stock.

  • Q: Why was my favorite snack discontinued?

    A: There are many reasons why a product may be discontinued, but it is usually because there aren't enough consumers like you buying it. Sometimes stores stop carrying slower-selling items to make room for other products. When this happens, at too many stores, it's difficult to continue making and selling the product. Please send us an email using the form located above about which snack you'd like to see back. While there are no guarantees of a return, your request will be shared with the appropriate teams at Frito-Lay.

  • Q: How do I get coupons for Frito-Lay snacks?

    A: Although we don’t have coupons to send upon request, be sure to check store circulars for special sales, and "like" us on Facebook to get news and specific offers.

  • Q: Which Frito-Lay snacks do not contain gluten?

    A: Click here for a list of snacks that do not contain gluten.

  • Q: Which Frito-Lay snacks contain peanuts or tree nuts?

    A: Click here for a list of our snacks that may contain peanuts or tree nuts. Snacks that may contain or share equipment with peanut/tree nut ingredients will always be listed in an allergen statement found beneath the ingredients listed on the back of our snack packages.

  • Q: How do I set up a Frito-Lay Retail Account?

    A: For information about setting up a Frito-Lay retail account, please contact 1-888-600-6620.

  • Q: How can I submit my idea to Frito-Lay?

    A: As you can imagine, we receive many suggestions and ideas from consumers on everything from our products to our advertising. While we appreciate that someone would want to share their creative concept with us, we decided many years ago to adopt a policy of not accepting unsolicited ideas from outside the company. In keeping with this corporate policy, we hope you will understand that we cannot pursue your idea.

  • Q: Where can I find out about jobs at Frito-Lay?

    A: Click Here for information about jobs at Frito-Lay and PepsiCo.

  • Q: Are my snacks still good beyond the date on the front of the bag?

    A: Beyond the freshness date, snacks may lose their crispness and optimal flavor. Check out the Package Code Explained & Shelf-life tab on our Contact page for more information about freshness.

  • Q: Where is the freshness date on the dip jar?

    A: The date can be found on the top rim of a glass jar just below the lid. The date printed on the container is an "unopened" date--meaning the dip will stay fresh if unopened until that date.

  • Q: How long will dips remain fresh once opened?

    A: Once the dip container has been opened, we recommend consuming the dip within about 10-14 days for optimum flavor and freshness and follow the "refrigerate after opening" instructions if included on the label.


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