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The Green Scene: Meet Environmental Coordinator Kanan Harakh

We’re excited to bring you another episode in our series “The Green Scene,” which showcases “Green Teams” at each of our plants who help Frito-Lay achieve its sustainability goals, as well as the great people who are part of these teams.

Kanan HarakhI recently caught up with Kanan Harakh, environmental coordinator at our plant in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., to chat about the work she does for Frito-Lay.

As environmental coordinator (or EC, as we say here), Kanan is responsible for making sure the plant stays in compliance with numerous state and federal environmental regulations. She also supports environmental sustainability projects within the plant and serves as the leader of the Green Team.

Check out the podcast below to hear about some of the coolest projects she’s worked on and advice she has for those who are interested in the field.

Download The Green Scene - Kanan Harakh

We’ll feature other ECs on Snack Chat soon, so stay tuned!

- Sara

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  1. Janice L Hayes | Dec 27, 2015
    Dear  Kanan, it looks  like you make it fun for your team . That is so important for morale . Keep  up the good work. Love the shirt !!

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