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The Green Scene: Meet Environmental Coordinator Brenda Moppins

Today we’re excited to share with you a new series called “The Green Scene” that will spotlight the “Green Teams” at each of our plants who work day in and day out to help Frito-Lay achieve its sustainability goals. Along the way, we’ll get to meet the great people who are part of these teams.

Brenda MoppinsI recently had a chance to talk with Brenda Moppins, environmental coordinator at our Modesto, Calif., plant to learn more about the work she does.

Brenda is one of more than 30 environmental coordinators (or ECs, as we call them) at Frito-Lay. There’s one coordinator at each of our sites, responsible for making sure the company stays in compliance with numerous state and federal environmental regulations. They also support environmental sustainability projects within the plant and serve as the leader of each plant’s “Green Team.”

With 24 years at Frito-Lay, and 13 years in her role as EC, Brenda had some great stories to share and advice to give others looking for a career in the environmental field. Are you interested in a career as an environmental coordinator? Here are some of the skills she thinks are most valuable: strong organization skills, good communication and people skills, self-motivation and self-direction, flexibility and the ability to meet deadlines.

Take a listen to the podcast below to hear the rest of what Brenda had to say.

Download The Green Scene - Brenda Moppins

We’ll feature more of our ECs in upcoming Snack Chat posts. If you have a question you'd like to see asked, let me know in the comments!

 - Sara

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  1. Janice L Hayes | Dec 27, 2015
    Dear  Brenda, I listen to your podcast. It sounds like you really enjoy the challenge of your job. I like your  slogan:Learn It ,Live It, Be It !! Continue to do a great job. Nice picture. Very  happy  to see that you and the other  two women made the cut for this frito-lay presentation. It is nice to see a diverse group. Thank you from me and my family. 

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