“Chester on the Dresser” is Putting the Trick Back in Trick or Treat


Cheetos kicked off “31 Days of Halloween Mischief” this week! While we all love a good treat, Halloween can fall flat without a good trick. That’s why Chester Cheetah is turning the tables on typical holiday traditions by finding opportunities for families to get playful during the “31 Days of Halloween Mischief.” And a doll-sized Chester Cheetah will be watching from the dresser all month long as the Halloween season’s inspiration for pranks.

The limited edition “Chester on the Dresser” doll and the “31 Days of Halloween Mischief” book, available at, inspire parents to find ways to prank their family members. “Halloween is a fun holiday for families – from dressing up to decorating the house, families create traditions together which adds to the fun of the holiday,” said Jeannie Cho, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “Chester on the Dresser is based on Chester Cheetah’s belief that unexpected surprises can lead to fun. It includes a playful prank for every day leading up to Halloween, which we hope will inspire families to do just that, enjoy a playful moment together.”

But good pranks are even better when shared – so don’t keep them to yourself. Chester Cheetah wants fans to share photos and videos of their cunning tricks proudly on Twitter and Instagram using #chesteronthedresser. This will earn prankster pros a chance at a spot on Chester’s Halloween Wall of Mischief and Fame.

Get in on the real treat of playing tricks this Halloween! After all Chester will be watching…

For more information about the Chester on the Dresser and “31 Days of Halloween Mischief," visit to get your package while supplies last.

- Tiffany

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  1. heidy | Oct 26, 2016

    this is so cool

  2. Phoenix | Oct 25, 2016
    No more treats more tricks 
  3. Dakota Gibson | Oct 20, 2016
    I like the Whoopee Cushion trick it was so funny.
  4. Ellen | Oct 12, 2016
    Are they all sold out?  Amazon is "temporarily out of stock"...  :(

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