A Special Group of Frito-Lay Drivers Keep on Truckin’ Safely a Million Miles at a Time

September 20, 2010

Company Recognizes Over-the-Road Drivers Who Have Traveled One Million or More Accident-Free Miles

PLANO, Texas - PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America business unit today recognized its 104 over-the-road (OTR) drivers in the U.S. and Canada who this year have reached the career milestone of more than one million or two million miles driven accident-free. The Million Milers’ accomplishment means they have driven the equivalent of two or more accident-free roundtrips from the Earth to the moon.

“Frito-Lay today celebrates each of our Million Milers that safely navigate their tractor-trailers along interstates and highways, paying close attention to ever-changing road conditions, weather and the other drivers with whom they share the road,” said Bill Simkins, manager, National Fleet Safety, Frito-Lay North America. “These world-class professionals make delivering themselves and our snacks safely to each destination a priority.”

On average it takes a Frito-Lay OTR driver about 10 years to reach the one million mile mark.  The company now has more than 500 active Million Milers on the roads daily, which represents nearly 40% of its U.S. drivers. Six Million Milers have driven three million accident-free miles throughout their careers with Frito-Lay. Through the Million Milers program, and the company’s extensive safety efforts, Frito-Lay has seen a 70% decline in collisions since 1999.

This year’s class of Million Milers, along with their families, was recognized by Frito-Lay’s top executives at an annual gala at the company’s national headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Frito-Lay’s Million Milers possess high-level safety skills honed through extensive training and adherence to good driving behaviors.  Frito-Lay utilizes skills maneuvering courses, advanced driving simulators and team collaborations on best practices to create a positive safety culture and to help its drivers maintain their skills.

Frito-Lay North America’s 2010 Million Milers

Two Million Milers
Randy Helmick – Beloit, WI
John Lannon – Beloit, WI
Duane Wing – Beloit, WI
Wayne Fitzgerald – Cambridge, ON
Gary Clark – Canton, OH
Jack Hodel – Canton, OH
William Krug – Canton, OH
Mike Penso – Canton, OH
Jim Cauthen – Casa Grande, AZ
Wendell Thompson – Casa Grande, AZ
Eddie Lukowski – Charlotte, NC
Wayne Walker – Charlotte, NC
Bobby Goolsby – Dallas, TX
Tim Baker – Frankfort, IN
Mark Freeman – Frankfort, IN
Michael Pierson – Frankfort, IN
Jeff Weber – Frankfort, IN
TJ Sherrell – Kern, CA
Matt Walsh – Killingly, CT
Ken Pauls – Lethbridge, AB
Dick Fisk – Orlando, FL
Jimmy Daniel – Perry, GA
Thomas Day – Perry, GA
John Frederick – Phoenix, AZ
Paul Adams – Topeka, KS
Larry Hart – Topeka, KS
Steve Kruse – Topeka, KS
James Pallesen – Topeka, KS
Ron Goodman – Vancouver, WA

One Million Milers
Mark Hartley – Aberdeen, MD
John Munford – Aberdeen, MD
Ron Spoerl – Aberdeen, MD
Clark Colby – Beloit, WI
Todd Fish – Beloit, WI
Jeffrey Haut – Beloit, WI
Michael Jenkins – Beloit, WI
Gerald Johnson – Beloit, WI
David Lyons – Beloit, WI
Tom Marty – Beloit, WI
Bruce Weeks – Beloit, WI
Dean Porteous – Cambridge, ON
Pat Skelly – Canton, OH
Randy Stanley – Canton, OH
Lewis Miljonovich – Charlotte, NC
Scott Toney – Charlotte, NC
David Umbarger – Charlotte, NC
Gerard Edwards – Dallas, TX
Barry Pace – Dallas, TX
Phillip Patterson – Dallas, TX
Lynn Redmond – Dallas, TX
Pete Stoltz – Dallas, TX
Mike Thornton – Dallas, TX
Aaron Young – Dallas, TX
Rogers Avis – Denver, CO
Chris McDaniel – Denver, CO
Jeff Bradley – Fayetteville, TN
John McAlister – Fayetteville, TN
Ron Nedeau – Fayetteville, TN
Robert Strong – Fayetteville, TN
Steve Hostetter – Frankfort, IN
John Melson – Frankfort, IN
Jon Layton – Kern, CA
Brian Rowe – Kern, CA
Bob Barber – Killingly, CT
John Blackwood – Killingly, CT
Christian Darveau – Killingly, CT
Michael Summers – Killingly, CT
Thomas Ziegler – Killingly, CT
Mark Guinan – Kirkwood, NY
Gary Keiser – Kirkwood, NY
Glenn Renfer – Kirkwood, NY
Spencer Berry – Lethbridge, AB
Carrie Coutts – Lethbridge, AB
Ron Mutter – Lynchburg, VA
Rick Brehm – Modesto, CA
Kenny Listman – Modesto, CA
Carlos Martinez – Modesto, CA
Mike Rubio – Modesto, CA
Eric Tutorow – Modesto, CA
Greg Andrews – Orlando, FL
Tim Darnell – Orlando, FL
Gregg Drumheller – Orlando, FL
Mark Frazer – Orlando, FL
Rodney Painter – Orlando, FL
Jeff Wright – Orlando, FL
Tim Proctor – Perry, GA
Robert Rogers – Perry, GA
Bobby DiFondi – Phoenix, AZ
Ron Stewart – Phoenix, AZ
Charles Lamar – Pulaski, TN
David Manger – Pulaski, TN
Greg Norman – Pulaski, TN
Karl Reynolds – Pulaski, TN
Mike Seidl – Pulaski, TN
Max Smith – Pulaski, TN
Sammy Smith – Pulaski, TN
Rodney Underwood – Pulaski, TN
Eddie Woodside – Pulaski, TN
Frank Lake – Southgate, MI
Fred Altman – Topeka, KS
Tim McCullough – Topeka, KS
Robert Shaffer – Topeka, KS
Bill Whitted – Tulsa, OK
Scott Graber – Vancouver, WA

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