Frito-Lay Says ‘Thanks a Million’ to a Special Group of Over-The-Road Drivers

November 2, 2009

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Company Celebrates Over-the-Road Drivers Who Have Traveled One Million or More Accident-Free Miles

PLANO, Texas - PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America is recognizing 95 over-the-road (OTR) drivers who this year have reached the career milestone of driving more than one million, two million or three million miles accident-free.

“This week Frito-Lay celebrates the men and women who safely move our snacks across the country every day,” said Bill Simkins, National Fleet Safety Manager, Frito-Lay North America.  “Driving one million or more accident-free miles is an incredible achievement, and we are grateful for their commitment to safety for themselves and for all the people with whom we share the road.”

On average it takes a Frito-Lay OTR driver about 10 years to reach the one million mile mark.  The company now has more than 500 active “Million Milers” on the roads daily, which represents nearly 40% of its U.S. drivers. Seven Million Milers have driven three million accident-free miles throughout their careers with Frito-Lay. Through the Million Milers program, and the company’s extensive safety efforts, Frito-Lay has seen a 70% decline in collisions since 1999.

This year’s class of “Million Milers,” along with their families, was recognized by Frito-Lay’s top executives at an annual gala at the company’s national headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Frito-Lay’s Million Milers possess high-level safety skills honed through extensive training and adherence to good driving behaviors.  Frito-Lay utilizes skills maneuvering courses, advanced driving simulators and team collaborations on best practices to create a positive safety culture and to help its drivers maintain their skills.

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Frito-Lay’s 2009 Million Milers:

1 Million Milers
Michael Boone – Aberdeen, Md.
John Cortright – Aberdeen, Md.
Tom Heise – Aberdeen, Md.
Jeff Weaver – Aberdeen, Md.
Todd Gabower – Beloit, Wis.
Dave Wells – Beloit, Wis.
Chris Zanoni – Beloit, Wis.
Darrell Zettle – Beloit, Wis.
George Kilgore – Canton, Ohio
James McLaughlin – Canton, Ohio
Mike Murray, Canton, Ohio
Truitt Ashcraft – Casa Grande, Ariz.
Richard Williams – Charlotte, N.C.
Sonny Walker – Charlotte, N.C.
Les Barker – Dallas, Texas
Glenn Beverly – Dallas, Texas
Ron Bonneau – Dallas, Texas
Bryan Ford – Dallas, Texas
Mike Herod – Dallas, Texas
Bert Langford – Dallas, Texas
Jim Reynolds – Denver, Colo.
Joe Anderson – Fayetteville, N.C.
Ron Emberton – Frankfort, Ind.
Jeff Linton – Frankfort, Ind.
Jeff Merriman – Frankfort, Ind.
Tom Milstead – Frankfort, Ind.
Tony Rozzano – Frankfort, Ind.
Dwayne Shafer – Frankfort, Ind.
Brad Stinson – Frankfort, Ind.
Jessie Bates – Jonesboro, Ark.
Kirk McCall – Jonesboro, Ark.
Ed Walker – Joplin, Mo.
Rey Lopez – Kern, Calif.
Robert Barber – Killingly, Conn.
Dana Corson – Killingly, Conn.
Richard Mahan – Killingly, Conn.
Jonathan Mann – Killingly, Conn.
David Morrell – Killingly, Conn.
Vyto Lugauskas – Killingly, Conn.
Rick Holgate – Kirkwood, N.Y.
John Whitney – Kirkwood, N.Y.
Sylvain Gaudreault – Lauzon, Quebec
Serg Hugot – Lauzon, Quebec
Dave Craig – Lethbridge, Alberta
Dale McDonald – Lethbridge, Alberta
Ron Mission – Lethbridge, Alberta
Sam Tschetter – Lethbridge, Alberta
Dan Wilson – Lynchbug, Va.
David Rucker – Modesto, Calif.
Bill Chelland – Orlando, Fla.
Jeffery Allen – Perry, Ga.
John Barrett – Perry, Ga.
Fred Cook – Perry, Ga.
Mark Poff – Perry, Ga.
Keith Robbins – Perry, Ga.
Timothy Vickers – Perry, Ga.
Ricky Wright – Pulaski, Tenn.
Santana Gonzales – Rosenberg, Texas
Leroy Falkenberg – Rosenberg, Texas
Scott Stigall – San Antonio, Texas
Charles Forman – Topeka, Kan.
Brad Laude – Topeka, Kan.
Henry Schrimer – Topeka, Kan.
Virgil Adamson – Vancouver, Wash.
Gary Ongers – Vancouver, Wash.
Trent Arrington – West Valley, Utah
Richard Cleaveland – West Valley, Utah
Chip Ordiway – West Valley, Utah
Quinn Rich – West Valley, Utah
Greg Stevens – West Valley, Utah
Marvin Watson – West Valley, Utah
Brian Bowman – Williamsport, Pa.
Dave Stine – Williamsport, Pa.
John Brewer – York, Pa.

2 Million Milers
Deb Davis – Beloit, Wis.
Dave Rickel – Beloit, Wis.
John Ross – Beloit, Wis.
Ken Strickland – Dallas, Texas
Bill McKinney – Frankfort, Ind.
Don Keyser – Irving, Texas
Collin Ilingworth – Lethbridge, Alberta
David Alexander – Orlando, Fla.
James Hughes – Orlando, Fla.
Javier Hernandez – Perry, Ga.
Nancy Scott – Perry, Ga.
Roy Darting – Topeka, Kan.
Larry Hart – Topeka, Kan.
Sheldon Atwell – Vancouver, Wash.
Jim Moore – Williamsport, Pa.
Ken Riggle – Williamsport, Pa.

3 Million Milers
George Newman – Killingly, Conn.
Lorne Roberts – Lethbridge, Alberta
Spencer Edwards – Orlando, Fla.
Ed Kalinowski – San Antonio, Texas