Frito-Lay Launches Print Ad Campaign Declaring America's Favorite Snacks Have Zero Trans Fats

September 23, 2003

PLANO, Texas – Beginning Wednesday, Frito-Lay will launch a print ad campaign in major newspapers across America to share “great news” with consumers – America's favorite snack chips have zero grams of trans fat! The full-page ads will appear in top 25 U.S. newspapers by circulation, in both English and Spanish. This ad is part of Frito-Lay's ongoing effort to help consumers make informed and healthier snacking choices.

Today, Lay's, Doritos, Tostitos, Fritos, Ruffles, and Cheetos snacks are among Frito-Lay's many chip brands that are already in market and on shelf with zero grams of trans fat. One year ago, Frito-Lay declared it would remove trans fats and now it has become the first company to undertake these changes and deliver products to market. For a listing of America's favorite chips without trans fats, visit the Frito-Lay web site at

“Today's consumers are more aware of what they eat and we know they want better snack choices,” said Lora DeVuono, vice president, marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “Frito-Lay understands this so that's why we've taken these steps and have begun sharing our news with consumers through these print ads.”

Frito-Lay was also the first company to include trans fat information on the nutrition label of its packaging – prior to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's final ruling in July requiring it. The company actively followed the nutrition research on trans fatty acids and moved proactively to include trans fat information in accordance with the FDA's interim guidelines.

“We were the first company to remove trans fats and we were the first to include trans fat information on the Nutrition Facts panel of our packaging,” said Rocco Papalia, senior vice president, technology, Frito-Lay North America. “Frito-Lay undertook these significant steps to its products and packaging – while still offering the same great tasting chips and providing more information about them to our consumers.”

Historically, Frito-Lay has led the industry with low-fat, reduced fat and no-fat products. In 1962, the company acquired Rold Gold pretzels. In the early 80s, Frito-Lay moved to using polyunsaturated oils in its snacks. In the mid 80s, the company launched Reduced Fat Ruffles potato chips. In the early 90s, the great tasting Baked! Lay's potato crisps and Baked! Tostitos tortilla chips were first introduced along with a line of salsas. Last year, Frito-Lay introduced Baked! Doritos tortilla chips and Reduced Fat Cheetos snacks.

Frito-Lay is the convenient fun foods division of PepsiCo, Inc., which is headquartered in Purchase, NY. Frito-Lay makes and sells some of America's favorite snack brands including Lay's potato chips, Ruffles potato chips, Doritos tortilla chips, Tostitos tortilla chips and Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks. The company also offers a wide variety of low-fat, reduced fat and no-fat snacks like Baked! Doritos tortilla chips, Baked! Lay's potato crisps, Baked! Ruffles potato crisps, Baked! Tostitos tortilla chips, Ruffles Reduced Fat potato crisps, its WOW! line of snacks, and Rold Gold pretzels. The company also makes and sells Cracker Jack snacks, Quaker Chewy granola bars, Quaker Fruit and Oatmeal bars, and Quakes rice snacks.