Cheetos Mystery Colorz Snacks Taste Cheesy Like Cheetos

January 7, 2002

PLANO, Texas – Frito-Lay announced today the launch of Cheetos Mystery Colorz Snacks, a cheesy Cheetos product that magically turns color in your mouth. Cheetos Mystery Colorz Snacks offer all the cheesy taste of Cheetos -- and now, through food technology, the neon orange-colored product turns your tongue either blue or green when eaten. The mystery: You won't know whether your tongue will turn blue or green until the snack is eaten. The magic: a safe, FDA-approved color-changing additive that is water-soluble coats the new Mystery Colorz snack. When eaten, saliva activates the additive and your tongue changes color. "Kids will have loads of fun with this new Cheetos product," says John Compton, Frito-Lay Senior Vice President. "Research shows that kids not only love the cheesy taste but also enjoy the playfulness of Mystery Colorz -- your tongue changes color and you can even play tic tac toe with the X and O shaped Cheetos." This new Cheetos product is available in two varieties: Mystery Colorz Blue and Mystery Colorz Green. The product, which will be in stores nationwide beginning January 27, is available in 10-ounce ($2.29) and 3.5 ounce ($0.99) packages. The product will be in stores through March. Cheetos Cheese-Flavored Snacks were first launched in 1948 in the US and today are available 36 countries. More than 15 million pounds of cheese is used to make Cheetos worldwide. In the US, more than 1 billion bags of Cheetos Snacks are produced every year and approximately 4.2 million bags of Cheetos are produced every day. Last year, 250 million pounds of Cheetos Snacks were produced in the US alone. Cheetos Snacks are available in such countries as U.K., Turkey, Indonesia, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, China, Spain, Greece and Belgium. Some Cheetos flavors include Cheese and Bacon in Australia, Honeydew in Japan, Sweet Basil & Fried Pork in Thailand and Chicken Grill in Indonesia.