1. Cracker Jack Prize Collecting
  2. Who is Chester Cheetah?
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Cracker Jack Prize Collecting

Frito-Lay does not appraise or purchase Cracker Jack toys. However, we recommend visiting sites that focus on the Cracker Jack prizes of yesteryear, such as Cracker Jack Collectors Association.

Who is Chester Cheetah?
In 1986, Chester Cheetah became the "spokescat" for Cheetos and gained recognition through the national television and print advertising campaign with the tag line: "It ain’t easy being cheesy®." Now Chester appears on the packaging for Cheetos products, and spends his time making friends and being active, like a cool cat should! Go to Cheetos.com for more information about Frito-Lay’s favorite feline.

Ideas and Suggestions
We are unable to accept ideas and suggestions from outside the company. The policy to not accept unsolicited ideas was adopted to preserve good relations with the public. We genuinely appreciate your interest, but do not want to foster false expectations as to the origin of any idea. For more information, see our website terms of service.

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